A domotic environment

In a domotic environment where one living space provides for sophisticated ideas and strong innovative value, the combination of multiple technologies becomes an effective solution. In the ambient shown in this case history, several models of curtains integrate into a single domotic project.
The openings are electronically controlled. More specifically, Extralarge motorised roller blinds steel cables were used outdoors, suitable to cover large-sized displacements. Inside, on the other hand, the model adopted is the motorised Large model.

The fabrics emphasize a contemporary, typically minimalist decor. The fabric used for outdoor space is the Soltis 92 fabric with UV protection filter: a heat shield capable of blocking out the passage of UV rays. The micro-ventilated weave, moreover, favours evacuation of the heat toward the outside and helps to improve the energy performance of the building.

For the interiors the fabric used is Boyne, a flame-retardant filtering.

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