Two fabrics, a black-out one and one with a veil effect, for hotel room curtains

An interesting choice of use for Doro curtains (by Pronema): we are at Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milano), on the outskirts of Milan. What you can see is one of twenty – nine apartments at the Hotel Residence “Le Querce”, a four star hotel of contemporary architecture.

Here a combination of different curtains have been used: Linette, a technical curtain, together with a fabric called Tallin, and a double sartorial curtain with gathered box pleats. In both cases, the material is fire – proof.

Being that there is no black-out system on the outside, the fitted curtains shape the light inside and outside the room, creating different effects of interplay between light and shadow. We prefer the veil effect fabric for the day – time and the black – out fabric for night – time.

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