Insulating Modules for an Ecofriendly building

We are in the province of Varese, in Italy, on the building site of a newly built villa in class A. The owners will soon be moving in and we are sure that they will be amazed by the pleasant feeling of comfort, as well as the reduced expenses for maintaining optimal temperatures in the rooms, during both in Winter and Summer.

Design solutions have focused on the containment of heat to reduce energy consumption. In fact wall thermal insulation is not enough to get satisfactory results, it is also necessary to pay due attention to the effect that thermal bridges can have on overall consumption.
Generous thicknesses of insulating contrast the negative impact that the reinforced concrete structure would have on energy bills, often however, failing to solve the problem of the door and window frames when in direct contact with the masonry. However here, this is not the case.

In this building we have chosen to use Pronema XPS insulating modules, instead of the traditional counter frames. A highly insulating material that is resistant to moisture and environmental stress.
For each of the openings, a module has been fitted in which the headrail for roller blinds is integrated, convenient for inspection on the inside. Each single insulating element is made up of four sides, designed to completely surround the window opening, including the sill, giving continuity to the thermal insulation system.

The depth of the Pronema XPS insulating modules are tailored to accommodate the thickness of the final thermal coat rendering, meaning that the final finishes and all elements are perfectly integrated into the aesthetics of the facade.

By scrolling the pictures you can see that the window frame will be mounted flush with the internal wall and the guides within the reveal are present to allow for the addition of an insect screen, as well as a roller shutter.
All Pronema insulating modules can be provided with an infrared alarm system, as in this case, allowing for extra guaranteed peace of mind within and around the domestic walls.

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