1 September 2015

How to choose an insect screen?

The question how to choose an insect screen, may appear to most to be quite simple, but when considered carefully, it can sometimes be not so obvious. Much can depend on different factors, ranging from personal taste and needs, to the types of fixtures of your doors and windows.

To help you make the right choice, we have produced this short article explaining the details of specific properties and advantages of each insect screen model.

A practical roller winding spring operated system, in either the lateral or vertical version, is suitable for the most varied solutions for fitting an insect screen. The possibility to choose how and where to install your insect screen is especially useful when you need to hide the presence of or, on the contrary, show it off by means of putting emphasis on the style of the architecture and adapting to the character of your house.

You can opt for the RECESS FIT INSECT SCREEN, if you need to integrate the insect screen into the window block, to hide the aluminum profile from view. For example, when there are historic buildings whose appearance cannot be disturbed by unrelated elements.

The SWING DOOR INSECT SCREEN is perfect for those door openings, like french doors for example, where traffic can build-up. This can also be either a single or double swing door. The hinging on these screens make it very practical for fast opening and closing without being subject to excessive mechanical stress.

This version is especially suitable for those who need to have an opening for an animal (a dog or cat), whilst maintaining the insect screen closed; in fact it is possible to apply a special opening (cat flap) to allow for small pets to enter and exit the building.

Even the presence of patio doors or windows with special shapes (like portholes, fanlights, dormers, arches or triangles) can affect the choice of insect screens. A fixed panel insect screen, for example, is ideal for screening doors and windows that are not opened too frequently, or which you do not have access to.

This model can be from one to four panels, depending on the width necessary, designed to slide either laterally or vertically. On closing, the various panels overlap each other. Modularity makes this type of insect screen suitable for protecting large balconies and verandas. Easy to disassemble and reassemble, the panels can be removed for the Winter.

For larger openings up to seven meters wide and three meter high, such as balconies and terraces, there is a patented technology by Pronema called Zip: unlike the majority of commercially available solutions, this system avoids the problem of ugly splints in the mesh, whilst ensuring a maximum hold of the mesh inside the guides even in the presence of strong winds.

In this category the insect screens are commonly known as Plissé and Tesa, (with Pleated and Taut mesh) These are similar to the classic roller insect screen with side-scrolling, either in a single or double door, but equipped with a special spring system with controlled return that allows you to adjust the degree of opening of the screen.

Another special feature of the Plissé and Tesa screens by Pronema is the very low threshold in PVC, only 3mm thick, an ideal solution for important transit points, facilitating the passage of strollers, prams and wheelchairs and does not constitute an obstacle on which it would be possible to stumble.

The versions produced by Pronema are distinguished by their extreme simplicity of installation and quiet functioning, given by the original design of the bottom rail.

Designed for those who have a cat or dog, you can install it on all swing door and fixed frame insect screen models. Allows for the dog or the cat to enter and exit without the necessity to open and close the entire structure each time.

If you suffer from pollen allergies, then you have to know that, thanks to Zoe anti-pollen mesh by Pronema, each insect screen becomes an effective protection against itching, red swollen eyes and sneezing. This mesh, in fact, can block 90.8% of ragweed pollen, 93.1% of nettle pollen and 99.71% of birch pollen. The ideal solution for those who have the need to defend their homes from the invasion of pollen and other airborne allergens factors.

Thanks to Zelda anti-theft technology by Pronema, it is possible to integrate an effective alarm system into any insect screen. Zelda is an infrared device integrated into the same frame of the insect screen, capable of detecting any type of intrusion and, therefore protecting our home from insects and other unwanted “beasts!”.

Posted by Gianmarco Martinotti
​Shareholder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and marketing. He is a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Cogem S.r.l., a real estate company based in Milan. He loves to spend his free time with his family, reading, running, mountaineering and golfing.

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