31 January 2016

How to clean a plissé insect screen in 5 easy steps (video)

Here’s how to clean and take care of your plissé insect screen in five easy steps.

1)  To start, spray compressed air onto the guides and folds of the mesh to free them from dust.

2) Use a brush, like a paint brush for example, to remove any particles remaining after spraying with the compressed air, brushing gently to avoid damaging any parts.

3) Brushing and spraying with compressed air only partially remove dust and dirt. For even more thorough cleaning,  it is reccomended to use the vacuum cleaner.  First, vacuum the guides with the appropriate nozzle attachment, then the mesh with the brush.

4) With a cloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent, proceed in cleaning the insect screen profiles and mesh. Taking care once again to be gentle and not use too much pressure.

5) Cleaning is important, as well as maintenance. That’s why it can be useful to grease the mechanical parts of the insect screen with a silicone spray lubricant or Teflon to help these maintain their fluid and uniform movements.


Posted by Redazione Pronema
​Pronema is an Italian manufacturer of insect screens, roller blinds, awnings and other solar screens, made-to- measure curtains and insulated modules.

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