9 March 2018

ZAC by Pronema: six professional products for insect screen cleaning and maintenance

Air spray, detergent, lubricating oil, lemongrass spray, a cloth and a brush are the six eco-friendly products in the PRONEMA INSECT SCREEN CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE kit. This ideal combination of products for regular cleaning and maintenance can be used by following a simple sequence of steps so that your insect screen is efficient for a long time.

Below is a list of products for insect screen cleaning and maintenance that can also be purchased separately:

1) BRUSH natural brush
BRUSH is an essential tool for removing deposits and dirt from insect screens. The brush, made of stained and waxed natural beech wood, is entirely “made in Italy”.

2) DUSTY microfibre cloth

A soft microfibre cloth to use with CLEANER to clean the mesh and frame of insect screens.

3) CLEANER detergent

An efficient water-based detergent for thorough cleaning of the mesh and frame of insect screens.
This product does not damage plastic, synthetic materials and especially aluminium, which, together with the mesh, is a fundamental component of our products. With its special formula, CLEANER loosens dirt that can then be removed with the practical DUSTY cloth, leaving a fresh clean fragrance on mesh and on aluminium parts.

4) PROTECTION lemongrass spray
Sprayed onto the mesh of insect screens, it forms an adequate natural protective barrier that repels mosquitoes and releases a pleasant fragrance of lemongrass into rooms.

5) AIR spray
It removes dirt from insect screen guides. Safe to use even on painted surfaces, AIR does not leave smears, is odourless and leaves surfaces completely dry.

6) OIL lubricating spray

It lubricates the mechanical parts of insect screens. To be used after carrying out cleaning operations.

An insect screen is the most effective way to protect your home from mosquitoes. You can open windows and air rooms without having to worry about insects (pollen and leaves) while peacefully enjoying the summer period. This is why PRONEMA, an Italian company that has been producing insect screens for twenty years, wanted to offer its customers an ideal solution for keeping insect screens efficient over time. Cleaning insect screens has never been so easy.

The PRONEMA’S ZAC – INSECT SCREEN CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE kit is only available at authorised retailers.
For further information: export@pronema.it

Posted by Cristian Martinotti
​Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and production. In his spare time he enjoys surfing and photography.

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