15 September 2018

How to install a BRI insect screen


Bri is a retractable pleated insect screen for reveal fit on doorways produced by Pronema. It is so thin that it can be installed anywhere, even in situations where it would be impossible to fit other models of insect screens. Its profile is only 13 mm deep, about ten less than traditional screens. Pronema has managed to again achieve results like the same smooth and silent movement, the same barrier free threshold for easy passage of prams and strollers, without sacrificing the aesthetics and functionality that distinguish the category of its low threshold retractable insect screens.

In this video you can see how easy it is to install a Bri insect screen, showing you step by step all the stages of the assembly sequence:

1. Position the bottom guide and fix with the double-sided sticky tape
2. Position the upper guide
3. Mark the drilling points and fix the upper guide
4. Position and fix the side guide
5. Remove the counter- profile magnet, position and fix the same
6. Position the mesh packet without removing the cling film.
7. Spread out the threads making sure that they are not tangled or crossed over
8. Starting from the bottom, insert the tensioners into the counter profile and fix them using the appropriate screws
9. Go to the top and insert the tensioners into the counter profile, fixing them using the appropriate screws
10. NB: Tension slightly to avoid the product from closing
11. Remove the packaging from the mesh packet
12. Check that the direction of the magnet is correct, if it isn’t working, invert it
13. Magnet positioned in the correct way
14. Position the magnet inside the guide
15. Last posing stage

Posted by Cristian Martinotti
​Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and production. In his spare time he enjoys surfing and photography.

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