Stopper, the intelligent brake

Stopper 4.0 is the fourth, better-performing generation of braking mechanisms for roller systems designed to make insect screens safer. This braking system increases the life of screens and blinds by reducing the stress the product is subject to.

Now available as an optional extra on Pronema products, its new features compared to previous generations mainly involve the increased strength of manufacturing materials to allow maximum efficiency even on large windows.

A few features are described below:

  • Unlike other braking systems, the braking effect is constant over a large temperature interval (-10°C to 60°C).
  • It is available for roller tubes with 22 and 25 mm diameters. It can be custom-made on request.
  • Easy to install on any type of window head.
  • Two braking intensity levels, easy and strong.
  • Unidirectional. It is the only truly unidirectional brake available on the market – it acts only in one direction, when the screen/blind is being raised.

Stopper is a Pronema exclusive (European Patent Office – reg. no. TO2009A000150).


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