6 February 2018

Is this the biggest insect screen in the world?

We have never heard of a roller insect screen bigger than this. And it probably never existed. It’s almost 14 metres in width and 2.70 in height and protects the porch of a villa overlooking Lake Orta (Italy).


One thing is for sure: an insect screen adds value to your home. It extends your living space by creating more room, and protects it from insects to allow you and your guests to fully enjoy your summer outdoors. It is a motor-operated vertical 137 Zip and holds a single, uninterrupted mesh screen. Can you imagine how much weight is supported by the tube onto which the screen is rolled?

Many years of experience and research by our technical department have allowed us to achieve such an important result.
Weight is the main element that we have considered when creating this insect screen. As can be seen from the video, the supporting structure does not bend and a perfectly parallel base keeps the screen tight, without creating any creases while it is unrolled, thanks to the highly resistant materials developed to bear such a considerable weight.

A special technology has allowed us to achieve this incredible result. It’s called Zip, a Pronema technology that ensures class-3 wind resistance, the highest certifiable level of resistance.

Posted by Gianmarco Martinotti
​Shareholder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and marketing. He is a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Cogem S.r.l., a real estate company based in Milan. He loves to spend his free time with his family, reading, running, mountaineering and golfing.

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