8 May 2018

Welcome Bri! The thinnest plissé insect screen ever

Welcome Bri! The thinnest plissé insect screen ever

It takes some personality to get where others can’t; and Bri, the new plissè insect screen, sure has plenty of it. It is so thin that it can be installed where it would be impossible to fit any other screens due to the lack of space outside the window frame.

As a result of extensive product engineering, its profile is only 13 mm deep – about ten millimetres less than traditional screens.

Pronema has managed to achieve extremely reduced dimensions without sacrificing the design and features of its low-threshold insect screens. It also has the same smooth and easy sliding features, as well as the same low bottom guide to prevent tripping – over hazards, with a thin profile on the ground to facilitate pram and wheelchair passage too.

Posted by Gianmarco Martinotti
​Shareholder and chairman of the Board of Directors of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and marketing. He is a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Cogem S.r.l., a real estate company based in Milan. He loves to spend his free time with his family, reading, running, mountaineering and golfing.

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