22 July 2016

The beauty of a Zip insect screen when flawless

It is thanks to the Pronema Zip technology that we are able to get results as good as these. This video demonstrates that we are talking about an out of the ordinary insect screen.
Nine meters wide (three meters more than our usual standard size) and a 3 meter drop.

What we can see in the video is the perfect parallelism of the bottom bar (the structure does not bend), as well as a perfectly tawt mesh without the tiniest wrinkle to be seen. All this of despite the weight that you can only imagine.

Ability to sustain a consistent weight and wind resistance (certified in Class 3) are among the salient features of this insect screen. The beauty of a Zip insect screen when flawless.

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Posted by Cristian Martinotti
​Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and production. In his spare time he enjoys surfing and photography.

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