_ Sun protection and insect control even with large formats


Large formats:
sun protection
and agains insect

Optimize large spaces with large-format blinds and mosquito nets
that combine design and advanced technology.

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Solutions for large outdoor sreas

The challenge of covering large outdoor openings, such as porches or glass facades, requires technically and aesthetically advanced solutions.

Pronema solutions are designed to address issues related to weight, wind, and visual interruptions, ensuring functionality and aesthetics without compromise. Widths up to 14 meters and 3 meters in height.

Large-format blinds and mosquito nets:
combine functionality and design

Insect screen
or blind

Innovative multi-tasking solution that adjusts light and creates atmosphere with an integrated LED strip, perfect for any outdoor environment.

All technical blinds

All insect screens

Insect screen
or blind

Motorized wind-resistant product ideal for surfaces up to 14 meters wide, combining robustness and elegant design for maximum efficiency.

All technical blinds

All insect screens

Here are the key advantages

and wind

Our insect screens and blinds are equipped with anti-wind systems, allowing their use even in adverse weather conditions, ensuring safety and durability.

Design an

The solutions seamlessly integrate into the architecture of buildings, maintaining aesthetic continuity and contributing to the overall design value.

and ease of use.

All our models are equipped with motorization for easy and smooth control, essential in large-format structures.

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