re18 August 2019


Sun protection and visual comfort in a villa overlooking Lake Maggiore

tende da sole

tende tecniche

The owner’s aesthetic choices and the need to regulate daylight indoors suggested the use of a number of Pronema products. There are awnings with horizontal folding arms, vertical roller blinds and tailored curtains, combined together to create a balanced, functional mix. Let’s see them in detail. 

The balconies are protected by CIESSE awnings with striped fabric in shades of grey, which retract into the box. These electric awnings can be easily opened or closed by remote control. There is a wind sensor that automatically closes the awning in case of critical weather conditions. 

The central French windows have Tondo range roller box blinds with a silver anodised finish, installed externally and motorised. The fabric is grey Blackout Triglass.