Low threshold pleated insect screen

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Low threshold pleated insect screen - Bri

Welcome Bri!
The pleated insect screen with mini sizes, overall depth only 13mm.

Meet Bri. The thinnest
insect screen in the world.

 - Bri


Bri is tiny and installation is simple. Especially where the space is so limited it would be impossible to install any other products.

In fact, its profile depth is only 13 millimeters.

Pleated mesh
nearly a curtain

The zig-zag shape of the mesh, in addition to protecting from insects, it creates a pleasant sensation almost as if it was a curtain or a piece of furniture.

Soft and elegant

The handling is effortless and pleasant, easy to use even for elderly people and children.

13 mm

Bri turns out to be the top-notch choice for openings where shutters or railings are installed and the available space is limited.

Bri, Pronema's new product launch, made in Italy pleated charm.


 - Bri

Bye bye

Insects. You are lovely creatures but please stay outdoors, thank you.


Pleated mesh, available in different colours.

Plenty of

Choose the mesh and profile colour that best matches your door or window.

 - Bri

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