Motor-operated horizontal awning

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 - Picnic

Let's go back to the outdoor
with a new idea of home.

Picnic is synonymous with harmony
and al fersco moments, surrounded by nature.

 - Picnic


A green and fresh corner to recharge and unwind.
A paradise of the house where to draw from.

Picnic is Pronema's horizontal awning with
='ntouch'/> aluminum structure and fabric fold-up

fabric with triple layer
internal lamina

Choose the perfect fabric colour.

LED lighting

Customizable LED strips: warm white, cold white, coloured RGB.

Metal sheet
fabric roof cover

When the awning is opened, the roof allows the fabric to be completely repaired under it.

Happy daily rituals .

Tradition, family, friends.
Cultivate what makes you feel good.


 - Picnic


Possibility to combine a remote handling radio control.


The rainwater is discharged through the narrow slots at the base of the pillars.

Picnic is

Join more bays, expand the protected area.

 - Picnic

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