Tesa Ermetica.
insect screen.

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Anti-green-bugs insect screen - Tesa Ermetica

Our homes are a magnet for green bugs and other insects...
Tesa Ermetica rejects them!

The anti-green-bugs insect screen
protects against insects,
improving home comfort.

 - Tesa Ermetica
Tesa Ermetica logo - Pronema

Tesa Ermetica represents the birth of a new product category:
The anti-green-bug insect screen.

Designed as a horizontal sliding insect screen for doors, Tesa Ermetica project was born from Pronema's experience in imagining and producing fixed and sliding solutions for your home comfort.

All round
hermetic closure

Keep green bugs, mosquitoes and other insects away from home. The perimeter profiles have been designed to guarantee an airtight closure of all compartments.

Super wind-proof

There is a Pronema’s technology that protects from adverse weather conditions. It is called wind-proof and guarantees a wind resistance certified as Class 3; the highest certification achievable. It comes as standard on the wider insect screens, and is optional and free on the others.

Plus version, with
recess-fit profiles

Tesa Ermetica Plus: the new recessed insect screen, completely concealed within the wall. A solution that seamlessly integrates into the window frame, becoming one with the architecture of the house.

No more green bugs burrowing inside the insect screen profiles. No more buzzes troubling your sleep.


 - Tesa Ermetica


Uniform design thanks to the Pronema's patent for the realization of mesh without visible welding.


The anti-breaking techno-polymer caterpillar is hermetic and it features drains for self-cleaning action.


The product is packaged in separate and pre-assembled kits to facilitate installation.

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