A problem afflicting millions of people: pollen allergy




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A problem afflicting millions of people: pollen allergy

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There is a condition common to millions of people. It is pollen allergy.

14 May 2015

14 May, 2015

Did you know that for million of people Spring heralds weeks of considerable discomfort? Figures show that pollen allergy is the most common form of seasonal respiratory allergic disease in Europe.
If we take a closer look at the problem, there are four types of pollen which are airborne from mid-February to November: Ragweed, Nettle, Birch and Oat grass. Each of these pollens has a specific size (only a few microns). Each time a grain of pollen enters the airways of an allergic person, it triggers off a hypersensitive reaction. As a result, respiratory tissue and airways get inflamed with the possibility of causing conjunctivitis, rhinitis and asthma. Experts say that there are no efficient medical treatments and the best way to fight this problem is to avoid contact with pollens.

How can that be done?
Pronema is offering the solution Zoe, the insect screen with anti-pollen mesh resulting in 97% less pollen.
Zoe effectively helps fight allergies. This is proven by the results of tests performed by professor Bergmann and professor Mauer in the Klinik für Dermatologie, Venerologie und Allergologie der Charite in Berlin (Germany). Scientific tests were performed in two rooms with a comunicating window on which the anti-pollen net was installed allowing air to move between the rooms. After releasing one kind of pollen at a time in one of the two rooms, over an established number of intervals, the quantity of pollen that had managed to cross the net and enter the adjoining room was measured. What was the result? Surprising! The net blocked 90.8% of ambrosia (ragweed) pollen, 93.1% of nettle pollen, 99.71% of birch pollen and all (100%) of the oat grass pollen. On average, 97% of pollens had been blocked!
The net proved to be an effective barrier without blocking the flow of air.

The anti-pollen net Zoe can be applied to all the insect screens in the Pronema range, allowing every room to be ventilated without worrying about irritating intrusions. It can be a relief for the millions of people who suffer from allergies (allergy sufferers are constantly increasing) and constitutes a considerable improvement of their quality of life.

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