_ Ombra & Luce: the new catalogue of roller blinds with box system
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Ombra & Luce: the new catalogue of roller blinds with box system





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16 April 2019

The pages of Pronema’s latest catalogue of roller blinds with box system “Ombra & Luce” are filled with elegance. Available in external and recessed versions, the range is now divided into five categories: 

Descriptions, technical drawings and installation details are available for each model.
Pronema retailers can download the new Ombra & Luce catalogue from the catalogues page of the website or request it from a local agent.

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Cristian Martinotti

Socio e fondatore di Pronema S.r.l. Si occupa dell’organizzazione generale, della direzione commerciale e della produzione.

Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and production.

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