How to take care of your insect screen – FAQs




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How to take care of your insect screen – FAQs


ZAC. A set of six professional, environmentally-friendly products, selected to help you take care of your insect screens.

02 October 2018

02 October, 2018

While insect screens are the best defence against mosquitoes,
you will need to keep them efficient with proper cleaning and maintenance to make sure they do their job for as long as possible. This is why Pronema designed ZAC, a set of six professional, environmentally-friendly products, selected to help you take care of your insect screens:


• AIR – compressed air
• CLEANER – detergent
• OIL – spray lubricant
• PROTECTION – citronella spray
• DUSTY – microfibre cloth
• BRUSH – natural brush


We received some questions and doubts from people who have already used these six products and we would like to share them with you. Check them out below!

Is it true that if I turn the AIR can upside-down and I spray cold air will come out?
Yes, it’s true. This is why AIR can be used to remove chewing gum from many surfaces.
You can do this by turning the can upside-down and using the product’s freezing action. Just spray directly onto the gum until it hardens to remove it easily.


Should I shake the AIR spray bottle before use?
No, because the gases in the spray can mix and the air will no longer come out.
Do I risk damaging my insect screen if I use BRUSH on the net?
No. BRUSH is a brush with soft bristles, specifically designed to clean the mesh without ruining it.


Can I spray CLEANER onto the insect screen frame as well?
Yes, but you need to wipe it off with the specially provided microfibre cloth, which will not leave any unwanted streaks behind.


Is it true that it’s better if I use PROTECTION at sunset?
Yes, because this way its repellent action will last the whole night. This plant has proved to repel insects: with its pungent scent; it literally confuses mosquitoes, which lose control and fly away as soon as they smell it.


Should I use PROTECTION even in winter?
Diffusing citronella essential oil helps prevent viral and bacterial infections. This is why PROTECTION can be used even in winter – and not only against mosquitoes in summer!
To make better use of the products in the Pronema insect screen cleaning and maintenance set, watch our video tutorial here, a step-by-step guide to the actions you need to carry out to keep them efficient for as long as possible.

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