Five tips to guard against midges, flies and mosquitoes

Pronema Newsroom Written by Cristian Martinotti

Herer is our mini-guide to defend against pesky insects effectively and naturally.

01 July 2016

01 July, 2016

Come the first warm days, we are already organizing outdoor get-togethers, whether it be house parties with friends or evenings spent by the barbecue with our families and loved ones, and the midges, flies and mosquitoes are already preparing to feast “with” us. Here is our mini guide to defending against pesky insects effectively and naturally.


1. Stay in the sun.
Insects have an external skeleton which dries out quickly in the sun. That’s why you only find them either in the house or during the evening and very rarely by the sea.


2. Pyrethrins.
Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the substances released from certain insect repellents, which have a total effect and indiscriminately kill all species of insects. However, in very high doses, these may have a negative effect on the human nervous system.


3. Goldfish.
Common goldfish, placed in fountains and ponds, eat mosquito larvae. They are very decorative too!


4. Swallows and bats. 
Bats eat thousands of insects per night. Swallows eat insects at sunset, especially in marshy areas, such as where reeds grow. However swallows and bats can accumulate insects poisoned by pesticides and are the first to suffer. Ironically, it would be best to use less insecticide to promote natural control of insects!


5. Insect screens. 
These are the most natural and inexpensive method to deal with the problem of insects. They don’t necessarily require electricity to work (such as plug-in insect repellents) and they don’t release chemicals, like sprays and other insect repellents do.

Written by Cristian Martinotti

Socio e fondatore di Pronema S.r.l. Si occupa dell’organizzazione generale, della direzione commerciale e della produzione.

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