Is it possible to have an Insect Screen in an Irregular Shape?

Pronema Newsroom Written by Cristian Martinotti

The answer is YES.

10 April 2016

10 April, 2016

The Pronema laboratory is equipped to solve those difficult situations in which you need to fit an insect screen in the irregularly shaped opening, even with curved or totally round parts.
In the photo, you can see some of our recent production. The job is for a fixed, made to measure screen with aluminium profiles in any choice of finish.

Written by Cristian Martinotti

Socio e fondatore di Pronema S.r.l. Si occupa dell’organizzazione generale, della direzione commerciale e della produzione.

Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. He is in charge of general management issues, sales management and production.

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