Uganda: when a mosquito net makes you smile

Pronema Newsroom Written by Barbara Martinotti

There are places in the world where a screen can save a child’s life.

15 January 2012

15 January, 2012

Often poverty makes it difficult for families to buy screens to protect their children from mosquitoes that transmit the disease. This is why we support and promote the work of extraordinary people like the Gim Projetti Onlus volunteers who have been working to help local populations in the Southern Hemisphere for years.


These pictures were taken in Uganda, in the village of Namalu (Karamoja region), where our screens were installed to lend a helping hand.  But there’s still a lot to do and we need everyone’s help.

Written by Barbara Martinotti

Socio e fondatore di Pronema S.r.l. Si occupa dell'area amministrativa. Amante dei vini, è membro della Sezione Onav di Verbania.

Shareholder and founder of Pronema S.r.l. She deals with the administrative area of Pronema. A wine lover, she is a member of the Wine Onav Organisation of Verbania.

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